Dr. Fountain Words

A Collection of Dr. Fountain’s Essays in Publications


harvard pilots

“Of Pilots and Physicians, Passengers and Patients”

Parallels in How Physicians and Doctors Can Make Mistakes
Harvard Medicine, Winter 2019


“Dry Eyes: A Guide to Treatment”

A guide to treating this common problem
Patient Education Handout


harvard toolkit

“Tool Kit”

Life Lessons and a Grandmother’s Wise Perspective
Harvard Medicine, Summer 2014



“On the Flight Deck or the O.R.”

Experience Matters But How Old is Too Old?
SCOPE (American Academy of Ophthalmology Newsletter), Winter 2016

eyenet clogs

“Magical Clogs”

A Surgeon’s Good Luck Charm
EyeNet (American Academy of Ophthalmology Magazine), March 2017



“Ophthalmic Malpractice and Physician Gender”

Are Women Ophthalmologists Sued More than Men?
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, July 2014

AAO cornfed

“Corn Fed”

Musings on One Farm-to-Table Movement
SCOPE (American Academy of Ophthalmology Newsletter), Fall 2013


Women in Opththalmology

“Setbacks and Second Chances”

Read Dr. Fountain’s chapter, “Setbacks and Second Chances,” as excerpted from “Women in Ophthalmology: A Comprehensive Guide for Career and Life,” edited by Christina Weng and Audina Berrocal.

aao twitter

“Twitter and the AAO Annual Meeting”

How Conference Attendees Use Social Media 
Ophthalmology 2016


Women in Opththalmology

“Representation of Women in Ophthalmology Subspecialty Societies Over 20 years”

Azad AD, Fountain T, Kossler AL
Ophthalmology Decemeber 2021


“Female Representation in Ophthalmology”

Progress Toward Parity: Female Representation in the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery May/June 2021



“Racial and Ethnic Diversity of United States Residency Programs from 2011-2019”

Hucko, L.; Al-khersan, H; Lopez Dominguez, J; Cavuoto, K.; Scott, N.; Williams, Jr., B.: Fountain, T; Sridhar, J. Letter to the Editor
New England Journal of Medicine 2022

Women in Opththalmology

“Analysis or Sex Diversity Among Ophthalmology Match Applicants, Residents, and Clinical Faculty”

Aguwa U, Srikumaran D, Green L, Potts J, Canner J, Fountain T, Sun G, Woreta F
JAMA Ophthalmology.September 2021; 139(11): 1184-1190



“Orbital Development after Eye Removal in Kids”

How Do Eye Sockets Develop After Eyes are Removed in Children?
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1999


“Castleman’s Disease”

A Rare Disease of the Eye Socket
Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2013